Portugese tile inspired letterpress stationery

I am most inspired by travel and my surroundings. Last year I had the opportunity to travel to Lisbon, Portugal. I went nuts taking photos of all the beautiful patterns, colors and textures of the city. When I got back to my studio, I started developing a line of pattern inspired stationery. Below is a small peek at the process. What part of the world inspires you most?

Photos taken throughout Lisbon, Portugal.

Vector Patterns created in Adobe Illustrator and iPad Pro app.


Photopolymer printing plates made at BoxcarPress.

Final artwork printed on 100% cotton paper using a Golding 8x12 Platen Press.

July Smashing Calendar


The cottage at cliff’s end.

“The New England shoreline in July means cottages perched high on cliffs with hydrangeas spilling out of window boxes. Hot summer nights and fireflies, schooners gliding on sunsets and a month-long fiesta of fireworks as far the eye can see.”

Smashing Magazine, aside from being a great resource for web designers and developers alike, releases downloadable desktop calendars every month created by designers around the world. It's a fun creative challenge with no design constraints and anyone can submit. Download this month's calendars here or submit your own! 

A decade post Venice

Ten years ago today I was lucky enough to celebrate my birthday with two of my best friends in one of the most magical places on earth. We rode around gondolas in Venice drinking prosecco, eating pizza for breakfast and photographing colorful houses in Burano. To commemorate my 37th, I'm posting photos that are too precious to be cooped up in an external drive collecting dust.

Italy in Black & White

Photos taken around around Italy in the Spring of 2004 with good old fashioned black and white film. Developed in the dark room of the University of Georgia's international studies campus in the quiet Tuscan hill town of Cortona.

Smashing Poster Contest

Motto of the year: Create the type of work you want to attract. Then repeat.

I believe, when you're not doing the type of work you desire at your day job, you have to get out of your comfort zone and go look for opportunities to create. I decided to participate in a couple of poster design contests in a moment of creative restlessness.


Featured submission in Smashing Magazine’s Redesign the Web, Redesign the World poster contest.